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4-Part eLearning Series: Human Resources

SURCOM has created a series of short, 10-minute eLearning courses to assist small urban, rural and tribal transit managers in navigating several common transit human resource challenges. As agencies continue to hire and train new employees for the future, effectively managing the “people side” of their business becomes more and more critical. This series of “HR Short” courses is available at SURCOM's eLearning webpage:

HR Short – Interview Questions: Hiring great employees can be a challenge. Asking the right questions during the selection process is critical to vetting the best candidates. This short course looks at how to develop great transit, mobility and transportation centric interview questions.

HR Short – Onboarding: The first day for a new transit employee can be both exciting and scary. The best way to get our new team member off to a great start is a robust onboarding experience. Follow along as we look at how to create a successful start to a long career in the transportation industry.

HR Short – Performance Appraisals: Sometimes considered a management chore or burden, the performance appraisal may be the most important tool in the human resource toolbox. Being thoughtful and meticulous about the process can result in a positive experience for both the employee and supervisor.

HR Short – Employee Recognition: Another important component of the “people-side” of our business is employee recognition. Often overlooked, recognizing great performance helps build employee retention and can have a side benefit of boosting employee morale. Get some fresh ideas by viewing this eLearning course.

To view these courses at no cost, go to SURCOM's eLearning page. If you currently have a National Rural Transit Assistance Program eLearning account, enter your username and password to view these and other SURCOM courses. If you don’t have an eLearning account, you will be given the opportunity to register and create an account when you click on any SURCOM course.

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